Synthetic Woven Sacks made from PP are one of the bulk packaging materials. These sacks are presently being used for packaging of bulk commodities like cement, fertilizers and some other applications like sugar, salt, chemicals, wheat flour, starch, poultry products, etc. Some of the newer applications of woven sacks are, postal/mail bags, tea packaging etc.

Polypropylene woven sacks have become a versatile commodity in the packaging industry Introduced for the first time conventional jute bags to a large extent. PP sacks have an edge over the conventional jute sacks in the sense that the former are light in weight, strong and attractive. These sacks are immune to the effect of corrosion, decay, moisture, atmosphere, rats, rodents, moths and insects. Being superior in quality and economic as compared to the traditional material, these modern sacks have gradually captured a large market for packing fertilizers, chemicals, food stuffs, animal foods, etc. Sacks made of polypropylene and laminated with LDPE inside it. This gives protection against moisture, air and the material packed cannot penetrate out of the sack.


Woven Polypropylene fabric has superior properties that easily lend themselves to fabrication into packaging.

Superior tensile strength, impact & colour as well as denier, can each be carefully controlled resulting in an impressive packaging product, one that not only reflects engineering specifications but marketing requirements as well. Apart from this, the main benefits of our PP fabric is that it is made from new material which is RECYCLABLE & REUSABLE & also durable, waterproof & hand washable. High print quality with lamination also adds to the strength, durability & wear resistance of these bags.

In a world running short of natural resources the idea of using recyclable products such as PP woven products is very appealing and explains the huge popularity and potential of these products. The use and application of these WOVEN PP bags is predicted to explode as damaging plastic bags become more & more unpopular and discouraged by governments worldwide.

  • Supplied in the highest quality with laminated print in different weights and sizes. High print quality due to printing on OPP film that is then laminated to the surface of the bag material.
  • The major users of PP woven sacks are fertilizer, sugar, cattle feed, cement & other chemical Industries. Oil seeds, salt, starch, pesticides, detergents & many other items are also being packed in woven sacks. Fabric from PP strips is also ideal for the manufacture of shopping bags, sport hold-all, deck chairs, wall facing & carpet backing