Al Ahram Group has also undertaken ad-star bags (PP laminated, micro perforated bottom sealed bags) under the license of Starlinger, Austria having presence worldwide, with a capacity of manufacturing 100 million Ad-Star Bottom sealed bags per annum.

Advantages of Ad-Star Bags over the conventional PP Laminated bags used today are as follows.

  1. Perfect Brick shape Bag helps in Easy Stacking & Panewlletizing resulting optimum utilization of the storage space and also reduction in Transportation cost, less burst in transportation due to equal pressure throughout the bag.
  2. Since bags are PP Laminated they are resistant to Moisture and Humidity leading to greater customer satisfaction. Also increases Shelf life and can be stored in open area for a longer period than conventional bags.
  3. Perforation allows only air to escape and not the material, so would save in lot of material at Packing Department, loading/unloading sites, during transportation and at the customer site.
  4. Amazing Branding, these bags are printed with a sophisticated printing technology which does not rub off during the usage and also being brick shape has a better visibility. Hence provides good branding position as compared to normal conventional bags.
  5. Due to almost nil seepage the bags are considered more environments friendly.