Al Ahram masterbatches will assist you in meeting the challenge of coloring or improving characteristics of modern plastic and fiber materials with either colour or calcium carbonate masterbatches.


Our masterbatches base uses either PE or PP because the carrier material in masterbatches must be compatible with the plastic polymer of the end product and therefore should be of the same class of polymer or be a well-tolerated substance. This will avoid negative effects on mechanical, thermal and optical properties.


Masterbatches (Granulate)

Al Ahram Color masterbatches in granulate form contain pigments and/or dyes in a highly concentrated form blended with a suitable carrier material, depending on the properties of the customers’ end product.

The great advantage of using Al Ahram masterbatches in granulate form is that they are very easy to use in various dosing systems (volumetric, gravimetric or manual dosage). The use of dispersed pigments and/or additives in masterbatch form facilitates your production process because the risk of formation of pigment agglomerate is highly reduced. Moreover, masterbatch preparations allow to keep the production process dust-free.